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Our Company Mission

We strive as a company to keep costs down to a minimum for our agents and still provide many tools and resources to help guide our agents to a successful career.

Education is a priority at ShowOKC! We have weekly huddles with open discussion on a variety of topics, instructor lead classes, and vender courses/CE to help agents learn while finding their full potential.

Branding yourself is a full option with ShowOKC. From signs to cards to logos, the agent has the ability to choose their colors and designs to help brand themselves as the agent they want to be.

Making everything simple and streamlined is important to who we are. With BackAgent, DA's issued prior to closing, a low E&O deductible and everything else outlined here, we have built a nearly paperless and secure environment for our agents to grow and thrive in.


Tired of giving away 20%, 30%, 40% or even 50% of your commissions away? Now is your chance to say Goodbye to that! At ShowOKC Real Estate, we offer a Transaction Fee Based Split with a Cap!!

1. Associates pay a $500 transaction fee per Real Estate transaction up to a $5000 cap. (10 total transactions)

2. Married couples pay a $500 transaction fee per Real Estate transaction up to a $5000 cap. This is not a typo. Married couples are treated as a single entitiy financially.

Commission caps renew the 1st of every calendar year.

Team Huddles/Vender Classes/One-On-One Training
Flexible Signage
Industry Leading Commission Splits
Call us Today!! It's time for you to start thinking about YOU!
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